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Our Building Management System allows complete control of all facility lighting for common areas , parking and gardens. Water pumps status are monitored. Also, that of the generators and elevators. 

Smart Home Automation

Spylock Technologies’ every Building Management System is Smart Home Automated. Therefore, reducing the issue building meter to its least. Moving with the modern era is our way of functioning..

Scans every scam

All cautious efforts are taken to protect pur Building Management Systems. Thus, all the unauthorized entrusion are prevented

Propitious Services

Don’t get astonished by the services rendered by us. Our services are extremely promising and we make sure that there’s a sense of contentment in all our customers, simply through our invariably appropriate services

Well Networked Functioning

Networked functioning will make things always right. The very well established networking amongst the energy controlling systems is the most important reason for you to choose us.

Secured Solutions

Solutions provided once are the solutions which could be in use forever. With the technological advancement, Spylock’s systems provide better solutions.

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Security Services & Solutions

Our Building Management System allows complete control of all facility lighting for common areas, parking and gardens. The water pump status is monitored. Also, that of the generators and elevators. And, not so surprisingly, our Building Management Systems will have a control over all the electrical panels, 24×7, at your residence


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Spylock Technologies supplies products which are an integration of appropriate solutions and on-time services. With every product being provided with keen interest, our adherence to catering supreme quality products is no way agitated, indeed, only boosted


Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities 

Giving an access to control and monitor all the ventilation, power control, fire and security systems and much more. Your workplace is bound to have Spylock’s Building Management Systems to ensure that all of their operations are being run securely and efficiently.

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