A New Era of Security

Spylock Technologies focuses on ensuring that the residential or commercial building is secured to the core, maximising it’s reliability and productiveness. Our systems are totally computer-based, so as tolive-up with this modern era.

Smart Home Automation

Controls lighting, climate, entertainment systems and all other electrical appliances. In other words, 80% of energy is under control

Building Management Systems

Protects the buildings against security breaches and provides solutions, making it a prime system to be set-up in building. Building Management System becomes the centralised control office your building,


All the services are well networked through interconnected computerised Local Area Network, making it exceedingly accessible. Therefore, executing our tagline: “IMAGINE WE ARE EVERYWHERE”


Security Solutions & Services

Spylock Technologies supplies products which are an integration of appropriate solutions and on-time services. With every product being provided with keen interest, our adherence to catering supreme quality products is no way agitated, indeed, only boosted.

Our expertise

Over the time span, we have been serving with strongest of the strong quality products, fulfilling the precise needs of our clients. We make sure, your residence and worksplace is confined with our system.

A Delight is Guaranteed

We believe in wholesome benefits. We commit to after purchase services, with the same enthusiasm.
We got your back, always


Quick Automation is user-friendly and very easy to manage. It reduces the effort required to create Automation framework, test scripts and to execute those scripts for the web-based applications.


“Once ours, would forever remains ours”. Our systems are manufactured with the best quality, making it reliable.


Security and solutions are the key elements in every product provided by Spylock Technologies. We cater you a combo pack, comprising of high level integrity and confidentiality.


Our Approach to Security

Best quality and quickest delivery is our prime motto. Our Building Management Systems would provide authentic operation for optimal building performance. These systems can be additionally fitted into your already existing building or a new one created from ground up.

Obliges to maximal solutions

Our well networked, smart home automated Management Systems would never disappoint you in providing maximal solutions. Designed with highest care, our systems are made to provide solutions for amelioration.

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Wanna experience the perks of having wholesome benefits? What are you waiting for then? Get in touch with us, right now


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